Erika Autumn

Freedom (Thanksgiving Demo Mix):

Freedom (Thanksgiving Demo Mix) cover art
Genre: Experimental/Rap
Released: November 26, 2020
© 2020 Erika Autumn

Instrumental is the first beat I ever made in 2012 with Garageband and Audacity. Forgive me if it's not in time or whatever. The original project file is lost to time, so I just have the mixed down mp3, but I'll be recreating it or making a new beat for the song soon. :)

Lyrics written last year / vocals recorded today.


you think you have freedom
but thinking you’re free is dumb
but everyone knows
you’re free to be dumb

you think when you say jump
that I’ll ask how high
But I won't obey
Or buy into the lie

the system is rusted
like it’s never been oiled
throw my hands up in the air
and my lunch in the toilet

I’m sick of this shit
fix it or just quit
I’m sick of being
split down the middle
of all this

the split
Lemme just address this
what I meant
There's way more to it
I know that you know

You're all gonna die too
We're all being lied to
Divided in two
They controlling us

Keeping us all fightin
some of us cryin
Yeah Some of us cryin
While others out dyin

then some got lucky
In the studio rhymin

Backed by the dime
Caught up with the times
Don't gotta commit crimes

for some people
no matter how hard
or how many times they try

they’ll never know what
it feels like to fly
they work and they work
til the day they fuckin die

you think you have freedom
but thinkin you’re free is dumb
but everyone knows
you’re free to be dumb

everything about it
makes me so numb
We’re satisfied with settling
for trickling crumbs

from the man makin 20 times
your income
who also controls when you
start and when you’re done

if it makes you wanna break
you’re not the only one
there’s nobody alive
who thinks this shit is fun

my job’s to point out
the problem not solve it
I’m just a musician
what do you want from me
to treat this song
like a conflict and resolve it